Poke646: Vendetta

Continues the events from the first installment, where it starts off a few moments where the first ended. The time around the gameplay is a lot more action packed with less puzzles to complete. Previously you had to activate some machines throughout different areas of the city, but nothing like that this time. Everything is balanced well throughout with plenty of supplies for the player to use and some fair fights, nothing to difficult to face against. The flow is also decent and remains enjoyable through to the end slowly developing the story, with laptops giving you important information such as keypad codes and other details. A new health charger is now used, where it can only be used once so it must be used wisely.

Very high quality with some very good structure and texturing throughout in each different location of the mod. The solid design is realistic especially with the amount of details used, mixing with some very good lighting to create some mood. Plenty of ambient sound effects have been used to keep the locations feel alive, especially the start with the creaking every now and then. Some areas are also reconisable from a few places you came across in the first Poke646.

Overall Conclusion
Sequel to one of best mods for Half Life. Not much else to say.

Author: Poke646 Team
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 95%
Download: Here