Quite unique for Half Life, a short side scroller mod where you play as a robot who was hacked into to go haywire as indicated by the title to be free. Weapons have been modified to be a little more useful for this and there are a few nice fights, some can be an annoyance since your bullets might not hit your enemies due to their position in the map but the concept is still enjoyable. In the short amount of time you fight a few different enemies, gather some weapons and have a nice finish but it would have been nice if it was longer.

Average and bland, structure, texture and lighting wise as there isn’t anything really special about the looks. Ofcourse it has some nice elements from typical sidescrollers such as platforms and crushes it misses a decent design to look good as well which ruined it quite a bit.

Overall Conclusion
Fun concept, quite tricky gameplay set in a bland set of maps.

Author: Scott Bell
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 60%
Download: Here

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