Big Lolly

Originally made for his brother’s birthday, the author made one very unique mod which is very enjoyable and quite funny when playing through each of the levels. Although it isn’t very long it has a lot of nice elements and includes some new enemies, weapons and items that fit well with the them. Good flow and simple fights keep everything balanced and nothing goes out of place to ruin any of the expierence.

Very good, with sweets being the main theme has been approached well with several lollies and other such sweets scattered around this world logically, with other elements such as houses made of sweets and places covered in what looks like sugar. The colour scheme has a lot of soft colours which adds a little more atmosphere to the overall look of things which also kept the mod enjoyable.

Overall Conclusion
Short, unique and very enjoyable.

Author: Unknown
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here