(Archived) Roch 7

Like the previous, this one is also action packed but with a few extra commanders and battlelords this time round to add a bit more tension and excitement to the map. Everything is balanced well with enough supplied to last you throughout the map. Some interior battles aren’t as cramped as before which is a good thing and doesn’t damage the gameplay. The objective of the map this time is to find all the switches in the level to spawn the yellow keycard to exit the level. There are several blue keycard doors, so you can go inside each building in any order making it unlinear.

Fantastic design as always, the structure look clean and realistic with very good texturing throughout the entire map, lots of spritework and realistic looking interiors. Lots of lighting and shading that adds to the design to give it that more realistic touch. The sky was a bit dark and dull to my taste compared to previous maps but it doesn’t do any major damage to the map. The cars are fantastic though, a highlight to the map to see how they’ve been created.

Overall Conclusion
Fantastic design, unlinear flow and balanced action throughout.

Author: Pascal Rouaud

Rating: 96%
Download: Here