(Archived) Roch 5

Goes back to it’sbalanced, action packed gameplay, keycard and button hunting with a few little extras like explosions and some areas to put a little thought on how to get around things. Again, interior battles are cramped, but a few have enough room, map has several secrets like always. The fights can get more tougher in this one than before, but still moderate in everything you need such as ammo and health.

More browns and greys used this time round with an industrial look to one half of the city which breaks the theme up than in previous maps. Everywhere is detailed enough to look good and realistic, but some areas as mentioned above can be cramped. Good texturing and sprite work as always with some interesting usage of sound now. Examples being are the squeaky door and other common doors.

Overall Conclusion
Balanced action packed gameplaym however cramped in some interiors, with great design.

Author: Pascal Rouaud

Rating: 90%
Download: Here