(Archived) Roch 2

Like the first in the series, action packed but shorter in length. The gameplay is still balanced, and theres plenty of supplies around. However commanders inside the small rooms was pushing it a little bit though. Again there are more secrets to look for with useful goodies to help you on the mission. Objectives are the same as before, to find the keycards and press buttons to find the exit.

Structure is a lot better here with more shape in the buildings, both indoors and outdoors. Texturing and spritework has also improved and blends very well in the level. A few wall texture usage didn’t look too great, but a majority of it did. Some interiors were cramped to move around it, which also affected the gameplay as enemies could squeeze through some of the areas.

Overall ConclusionBalanced and actioned packed with great design. A few cramped spots indoors that affects gameplay.

Author: Pascal Rouaud

Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 87%
Download: Here