Set after the events of IW, life for EDF agent James had cooled down. Despite partaking in a few minor missions here and there, life for him was very relaxed – and he wouldn’t want it any other way. The portals that had formed around Earth during the past year were beginning to fade away until only a handful had left. (IW v2 Episode 4 will explain these portals and what caused them)

However – unknown to him or to anybody else on Earth a gargantuan derelict spacecraft was heading towards Earth on what would be a direct collision course. It’s presence was picked up a mere hour before impact leaving little time for a reaction. Only 500 million made it off the Planet, leaving 7 and a half billion behind to their Doom. James was one of those 7 and a half billion. You’d think a top of the line EDF Agent who saved the planet once before would of been one of the first off of the Planet wouldn’t you? What was he doing in this 1 hour before the end of the world?

Sleeping off a rather heavy night on the tiles, that’s what. It was only the impact that woke him. Anybody would be woken by a shockwave that threw them into the ceiling, leaving a comical dent in the outline of their body. It sure didn’t feel comical though. Scrambling from the floor, with a large cut in his forehead, he tore open the Curtains. The Sky was bathed in blood red. Buildings lay scattered around the City, and the ground was cracked, a heavy orange glow beaming out from within suggesting Lava was not far from spewing out. It was exactly like that time he had spent in the future. Only this was not some far off event he could stop. This had actually happened.

Within 2 minutes he was out of the door, having quickly dressed and grabbed some supplies. He didn’t know what was going to happen – the earthquakes gradually becoming more violent meant that his home wasn’t a good place to be standing. Heck, the entire planet itself wasn’t a good place to be standing. You’d need a rather large source of power to destroy a planet (Large being a rather major understatement) But in these vast universe you can bet some crazy ass alien race was dumb enough to build a ship using something large enough to blow an entire fucking planet to kingdom come should it collide with it. He didn’t really want to take that chance. He’d find one of those portals and see where it took him. It was a risk – he could materalise inside of a building or deep in the depths of space, but his paranoia was more concerned with the state of the planet than the destination of a portal.

To cut a boring story short – he found one. Despite the destruction and death of the area around him he manged to locate a portal – and in due time to. Massive electrical storms and Tornadoes were closing in, as if they were chasing him into a trap. As he stepped towards the portal, the whole city infront of him shook, and then lifted into the sky. The entire tectonic plate was being capsized. He dove into the portal just as a tidal wave of buildings came flying in his direction.

This one was taking much longer to finish. Maybe it wouldn’t finish at all. The portal at the other end had disapeared and he was forever stuck in here. But then it appeared – the ‘wall’ at the end. With a flash he was hurled forward, landing hard on a grassy patch of land. Groaning, he wiped the grass stains from his Jacket’s sleeve and stood up to assess the area. A dense carpet of trees surrounded his left and right sides, and a rocky wall stood infront. Water poured down from a river up above, and strange animals lapped at the clear water. In the distance he could see a mountain range, with a Temple inbetween. He couldn’t identfy who had built it. Looking up into the sky, he froze. Instead of a single dull gray moon, there were 2. He could only just see them, but there was no mistaking the fact they were there. And the dull gray moon, Earth’s moon, wasn’t.

James began to feel that familiar sinking feeling that you get when you made that wrong turn, when you read the map wrong or when you were reading the comics in the big supermarket, looked up and than realised that your mother wasn’t there anymore. He desperatly began to spin round, trying to pinpoint a Building, a Spaceship, anything that belonged to the Human race. But there was nothing. He was alone. Alone. Nobody else in sight. Nobody to say hi and talk to. Nobody to try and shoot him either. This might not be so bad after all.

He turned towards the Mountains and the Temple, and started forward.

Survival is a more adventurous game inspired by the likes of Unreal – you must explore the planet and find out what happened to Earth, and a way off of this rock if it’s possible. Fighting will be difficult – most creatues here aren’t too happy to see you and there won’t exactly be stock rooms full of ammo. Survival will be a full game with around 20 – 30 ‘levels’ (Although transition between each will be rather seamless) using Eduke32 and using 32 bit mode only.

Requires: Eduke32
Type: Singleplayer
Forum: Here
Website: Here
Author(s): Survival Development Team

Gameplay Video One – Here
Gameplay Video Two – Here

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