Very easy and could have used a few more enemies to spice up the action but otherwise it was still enjoyable to play through. Good balance throughout till the end with several small puzzles to solve, so you can retrieve the scroll. There were a few interesting effects in this one that were pretty clever, such as the sand that falls down and fills the room and the lights going out as the water rises. Nothing fustrating at all during play, puzzles are easy yet some are hidden slightly and kept at a good pace.

Captures the egyption feel perfectly with fantastic texture usage, each aligned very well. The tones mix well together making everything fit with nothing out of place at all during the map. Some objects were detailed quite a bit which looked realistic. Lighting was great everywhere with no complaints, yet some other interesting lighting effects on the walls. Structure is good, kept within the theme at all times and layed out well. There was a bug however with the water, after triggering it to rise, go back the way you came and it’ll be in the large room, as it partly covers a very small section but not the rest.

Overall Conclusion
Easy yet very enjoyable map including some interesting effects.

Author: Kasberg
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 82%
Download: Here

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  1. October 9, 2006

    A really well worth mini-mod (even if too short) that really created a egyptian atmosphere

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