Cleaner’s Adventures

I played this mod and Life’s End around the same time, so I may have gotten some bits mixed up. Sorry if this is the case, and please tell me as soon as possible and I’ll edit it out. Thanks.

Quite a difficult one this, and can get a bit tiresome although it has some interesting moments throughout. You play as a Cleaner during the Black Mesa incident, and ofcourse you have to escape and try to surive. The flow of the mod is quite good, some levels drag on but not too much, I did find there to be too many vents as well. Cutscenes are hard to know what is being said unless you understand Russian (which is a shame, since I don’t) Some of the action can be very difficult, but some fights can be avoided. Atmosphere is great when you get down into the old part of the facility, lots of dark areas and other suprises. The mod is quite lengthy, which does also help make it a bit boring. There is however plenty of health ammo around to keep going though. There were a few bugs in this too, especially when the Alien Slave is meant to break the door down where I had to noclip through since it never did.

Really detailed and very well done, although some areas tend to be slow, such as the starting area. Some very good structural work and nice details everywhere, the lighting is great and keeps the Black Mesa Facility feel througout. The old part of the facility was captured the best, since it feels very loney, dark and atmospheric down there. It actually felt old with the good texture choices and tone of lights.

Overall Conclusion
Another Black Mesa theme mod, with some very good design and challenging gameplay.

Author: CAD Team
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 85%
Download: Here

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  1. Carlos
    September 8, 2013

    Shame all dialogues are in Russian. Anyway, pretty intense mod, awesome atmosphere.

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