Night at the Office

This one has a new storyline that has nothing to do with the Half Life storyline. You, the player, is trapped within the office you work at as terrorists have overtaken the building while you were working. The mod also includes new weapons such as a fireaxe, AK and a few more. I found this one extremely fun to play through and enjoyed every second of it. You must try to survive and escape the place. It is unlinear as you can explore each floor to your own satisfaction in any order you wish, some areas are locked but can be accessed by the vents. Although, there are still key places you must go, such as finding the security guard to continue further with the story line. You can fight the terrorists although it can be risky since there are no health pickups anywhere and a few bullets can put you down. There’s a lot to do in the mod as well, and most of the time you find yourself back tracking to other areas and developing the plot a little further. Quite lengthy and worthwhile, great cutscenes and just plain fun. I recommened you try the training room first, as it also introduces the characters and you getting the job there.

Average design throughout, the texturing is quite simple and each floor is basically the same shape with different rooms placed at different areas. Normal office objects with nothing too special to comment on either. Lighting is also simple as well, but is good as well. The character models also fit with the design, since both aren’t too detailed so nothing looks too out of place, and everything gives the general idea so it’s all good.

Overall Conclusion
A very enjoyable, unlinear mod that is fun throughout.

Author: Mr Greenfish
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here

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