WGRealms 2

WGRealms 2 is a two episode long mod, using all new highres textures and skyboxes. The Mod will require the High Resolution Pack for such things as enemies, pickups and weapons. The second episode will explore new worlds as the old WGR did, but with a different feel to it, more adventure more exploration, more action puzzles game play detail and so on. Since the new episode will be using the new limits, each new level should be twice as detailed as the previous levels, and more atmospheric because of the use of fog from Eduke32

The old WGRealms was made before any release of jfduke and any highres stuff.
I did start WGRealms 2 not long after the release of WGR1 but it wasn’t meant to be, There was something missing, anyways it got deleted, and some time after that jfduke was released, during that time I got learning some basic stuff and I made a skybox add-on for WGR and released it but it wasn’t enough so I began making a highres pack for the old WGRealms, by the time it was finished I had gotten my inspiration back for WGRealms2 and had also learnt enough to be able to make it work in highres. Around this time I also made WGCity using the new limits giving me some practice with them. Not so long after Eduke32 came out with fog I quickly learned how to implement it into WGR2 and it was fantastic, along with a extended midi limit size enabling me to add some fantastic midis that I was unable to use in WGR1 cause of the restrictions.

Type: Singleplayer
Website: Here
Author(s): William Gee


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