Love Hina

When Keitaro was little he made a promise with a girl in his childhood that when they grew up they would go to Tokyo University together. But this girl moved away after some time and Keitaro to the present day cannot remember her name and doesn’t do well at all on his entrance exams for Tokyo University.

But later his grandma makes him the manger of Hinata Sou – an all girls dormitory. The tenants include a violent yet studious Naru who is also trying to get into Tokyo U. Kitsune who loves drinking sake and getting into mischief. Motoko the short templered kendo girl. Shinobu the very shy cook of the inn and Kaolla, the very wild girl inventing various mechanical gagets.

This is about Keitaro trying to get into Tokyo U and finding out who he made the childhood promise to but slowly getting into a relationship with Naru and getting closer to achieving his goal.

I enjoyed reading through this manga as each volume lasted a while to read through with a lot of frames and text to read. Overall the manga was very funny with a lot of different adventures and interesting love moments, although the manga sometimes dragged on a bit. But later in the series it gets a lot more interesting, especially when Kanako is introduced as it adds a lot more excitement, funny moments and more romance to the story.

The art style is very reconisable and has a calm look which works well with the romantic theme of the manga. Each character’s personality is also shown through the way they are drawn, with Shinobu constantly blushing or Motoko’s serious face. Seta is my favorite character out of the manga because he’s like a double of keitaro but more crazy.

Overall Conclusion
Reconisable drawing style by Ken Akamatsu with hilarious chapters. Very long yet an enjoyable read, although it can drag on a bit.

Author: Ken Akamatsu
Length: 14 Volumes
Type: Romance/Comedy

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