Hideki is another male character trying to get into a university in Tokyo and moves to the big city to practise for the entrance exames. But in this society there are a lot of robots called “Persocoms” which are like human sized computers who live with and among everyone else doing everyday tasks and come on all shapes and forms. Everyone has one except Hideko but one day finds a Persocom in the trash and since it seems no one wants it, he takes it home with him. This manga is about Hideki living with his new Persocom to soon learn she might be from the “Chobits” series.

I found this one to be hilarious throughout with an interesting story but didn’t find it special overall. The manga can drag on a lot but the story still gets its point across. The series contains a lot of adventure in it such as the video game chapter or when Chii gets kidnapped with a few plot twists here and there. The art style is a littler different from Clamp’s usual style and uses a blind look with the eyes on most of the characters. I found this made the characters show less of their emotion which was a shame but worked better with the Persocoms. Each pach has a few frames each which is easy to read with a good layout although made some of the more interesting chapters too short at times.

Overall Conclusion
Interesting story with some very funny moments with some good plot twists.

Author: Clamp
Length: 8 Volumes
Type: Sci-Fi/Comedy/Romance

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