Point Of View


Fantastic new gameplay, as you play as an alien slave, and you can use their lighting attack. This attack can heal you as you attack organic enemies, this is explained in the story. The mod isn’t too hard, and a lot of the boss battles are challenging, yet possible. You won’t run out of attack power so you’ll always be able to fight back. There are a lot of new enemies in this mod too which gives it more viarity. Story is good and takes place before Half Life, during Half Life and after Azure Sheep, afterall, it is the sequel. Sometimes the gameplay can get tiresome in some places.


Very well detailed and a much better improvement in room design and layout compared to Azure Sheep. Lighting is good, and structures are well thought of. Texturing is done well, and aligned with care. Enemies are placed well as well.

Overall Conclusion

A fantastic mod, thats very entertaining, sometimes tiresome.

Author: POV Team
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here

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