Escape From Woomera


No shooting in this mod, this mod offers some very good roleplay and doing tasks for NPC’s and yourself. It also felt a bit like the Shenmue games, going around talking and gathering new information from people and talking to others and getting more. The mod is very fun to play through, lots of new items to get and new tasks to do and it’s got rid of the Half Life feel to it, so it feels like a brand new game which is quite rare to find sometimes. You must keep finding new stuff out before the red bars in the top left corner drop, the more info you get, they will recharge up, giving you more hope to survive and get out of there. Once it drops, you lose hope and fall into depression and later taken away.


Very realistic with very well chosen textures, that work very well and aligned good. The skybox choice was perfect for the mod, and the atmosphere looked really hot. The ambience sounds added to the realism, I thought I was actually there. The interriors are designed very well, not too crampped, and looks very realistic, and the textures match and work well together.

Overall Conclusion

Excellent mod with a lot of atmosphere and realism, sure to keep you entertained.

Author: EFW Team
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 84%
Download: Here

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