Near Life Expierence


The map mainly has a lot of switches that must be activated to proceed further into the map although some of the buttons were placed in wierd locations. Enemy balance is good and placed in decent spots around the map, but too many battlelords closer to the end because two would of been fine. Keycards are easy to find so there wasn’t much challenge there. I ran out of ammo is some sections of the map and resorted to my pistol and mighty foot a few times, and theres a lack of health as well.


Uses some Half Life textures throughout mixed with some duke ones but textures used well, some choices are bad. A few textures didn’t match well together with ceilings and floors as well. Structure of the map is above average, some flat walls ins some places too and some rooms look basicly designed. Trimming is done well and texture choices were good for those trims too.

Overall Conclusion

A good map, with an above average design and simple gameplay.

Author: Daniel Aashage
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 78%
Download: Here

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