Total Control

Author: Dutch Devil Released: November 10th 2005


This map has a very unlinear gameplay which makes the map feel longer and harder as it requires you to remember locations of where doors are to continue on. I’ve got myself lost a few times and took some time to get back on track, but this isn’t a bad thing about the level since it isn’t impossible. The map isn’t too hard to complete and there is plenty of enemies to fight against with enough health and amoo around. Map also uses sounds from the PSX Doom game which add to the atmosphere due to the creepyness they give to the map. The level also has some length to it due to the unlinear gameplay, size and constant back tracking and finding where to go next.


Very high quality design like all of Dutch Devil’s released wads. The texturing is done very well and fit perfect with the theme and aligned well as always. The coloured lighting in the four sections works very nicely as it adds atmosphere and a good look to the map and makes dark areas feel more gloomy. The lighting is also very realistic and isn’t too bright which could ruin the feel of the map.

Overall Conclusion

Another great wad by Dutch Devil with fantastic detail and very well made unlinear gameplay.

Author: Dutch Devil
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 92%
Download: Here

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