Quake 2 Doom

Author: Bryant Robinson and The Solution Released: May 25th 2001


Rather tricky map at times with the balance of enemies as some areas have very large amounts of enemies. That doesn’t mean the map is impossible though because it’s very possible just a challenge to beat it. The main objective of the map is to open the doors to the portal to complete the map and in the way are a lot of enemy types with a lot of ammo and health around to survive. Some of the crates got really annoying as they got in the way sometimes, but useful to dodge projectiles. The map actually feels like Quake 2 and plays like it too. The sky really adds to the mood of the level making it feel relaxing in a way too. The map makes the player feel lonely and dull which fits in with the Quake 2 gameplay as that is what I felt when playing the game. This is not a bad thing at all though since it makes you feel you are on a different planet looking for you squad.


Again, resembles Quake 2 very well, except it has way too many crates even if it is a warehouse, it could of used some other rooms. The texturing is very true to Quake 2 and the lighting adds to the mood of the map and it has been used well. The structure of the map is very accurate to that of Quake 2 as well.

Overall Conclusion

A very good Vavoom Doom Port map which resembles Quake 2 very well. If your a fan of either Doom or Quake 2, grab this map.

Author: Bryant Robinson and The Solution
Port: Vavoom
Rating: 68%
Download: Here

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