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Bad Dark Cistern

Author: negke | Released: February 5th 2012

Offers a good combination of deathmatch levels where the layouts are left mostly intact but flow seamlessly from one area onto the next, while treated to a consistent theme and design to create an enjoyable, classic Quake experience with the occasional twist in gameplay.



Author: czg | Released: April 1st 2012

Two excellent maps, each presenting a different style of play and design traits in each. One is experimental through the use of locks via explosives and its nature of progression and layout, while the other is closer to that of a classic Quake experience, offering several challenging fights. Both look great and are enjoyable to play.

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Round the U-Bend

Author: Andrew 'than' Palmer | Released: December 10th 2012

Design is the strongest side of this conversion, showcasing an attention to detail from curved geometry, good lighting and careful texturing. Combat is moderate in difficulty yet quick to throw tougher opponents early on for tension.


The Marcher Fortress

Author: Ben ‘Kinn’ Wooding | Released: January 9th 2005

An excellent and well paced level taking place inside the grand and towering fortress, offering an experience that is focused heavily on tough action which only increases during the journey’s course to reach the bell tower peak.