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Asylum of the Wretched

Author: Ian Myers | Released: November 20th 2000

Boasts a foreboding and ominious atmosphere, heavily focusing on slower paced gameplay due to the low health and weaponless start. The experience is tense and eerie, but also remained interesting because of this.


Temple of Chaos 2: Warped Reality

Author: Agent Spork | Released: April 16th 2005

A great ZDoom map, with lots of action which is challenging.


The City of the Damned 2: Apocalypse

Author: Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer | Released: November 1st 2007

Good quality level that plays well in the survival horror aspect, though the action could have been improved upon. Design is decent, makes good use of the resources and creates a fitting atmosphere.

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Author: Paul Schneider | Released: March 14th 2010

The focus on gameplay is based around exploration and tough battles, which may become tiresome after a while due to its length, but the variety of themes and styles help to keep things fresh. Unloved was a interesting experience and offered something a little different while keeping in mind what Doom is about.