Browsing Doom Themes – Episode Two Inspired


Polygon Base

Author: Rick Lipsey | Released: January 24th 1996

The interconnectivity and non-linear nature toward gameplay in POLYGON allows players to progress at their own pace and choose which places to tackle first. Ultra Violence offers the most enemy variation and can be tough as nails with the large number of hitscan based foes and limited health supplies.


The Refinery

Author: Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer | Released: August 31st 2012

TREFINRY offers a well presented remake of E2M3, expanding on the original map in many ways with larger, more detailed environments. Gameplay is limited on supplies and focuses on players managing their resources carefully which might not suit everyone’s tastes. Couldn’t engage entirely in the combat and instead found that many choices for new enemies tend to detract from the overall experience.