Truth Mod for Saw

Truth Mod for Saw by EmoLevelDesigner Truth Mod for Saw by EmoLevelDesigner

Author: EmoLevelDesigner | Released: March 23rd 2012 | Download: Moddb

Truth mod is possibly the only known custom expansion currently available for the Saw video game, having been originally released in 2012 and later receiving an update offering various improvements during October last year. The events in this scenario will take place after the Truth ending with players stepping into the shoes of Melissa Sing as she wakes up inside some abandoned mansion. Having had zero interest in either the movies or video game, this is one of those project releases that I won’t get around to reviewing any time soon and felt a Spotlight entry was necessary here seeing as I have enjoyed EmoLevelDesign’s previous releases which all tend to remain solid experiences and show an improvement in quality over time, so I am certain the same could be said for Truth. If you own the game and desire to get a little more out of it, give this mod a chance.

Truth mod comes from the same author who brought the following releases already covered here; Surprisingly Focused for Prey; Salvational Temple, a singular level for the Doom 3 mod, Z-Hunter; and an entry in the Doom3world Speedmapping Contest.

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