Anticlimatic; See you in 2013!

Well this year wasn’t too good in terms of consistent updates, and I kind of botched up the horror event from lack of preparation and having other priorities. Apologies for those who were looking forward to the remaining reviews during November. Same as last year, I’ll be skipping December and will come back to the site in January 2013 after the world has ended. Things might get interesting. And much like before, read on for some trivia and ramblings, otherwise, see you next year!

While not an entirely strong and consistent year, I managed to pull together 40 reviews in total. Unlike last year though, I have had other interests and priorities I wanted to focus on. Including, but not limited to, playing through the games I own. I spend much of my time with maps and mods, I tend to neglect all my PC and console titles. Made some steady progress through various titles, especially on the PS2. Maybe one day I’ll write up some small reviews. Who knows?

Although I don’t like making promises I can’t keep, I will try my best to build up a decent surplus of reviews to keep on track and ahead of time, so I always have something to post up each week. Will possibly be spending December putting this together. We’ll see.

Future Plans
Mostly on the technical side of things, I wish to create a new WordPress theme from scratch and develop it to suit the needs of this site and planned features/improvements. I’m not sure when this will be completed though, but hopefully it will make browsing for content a better experience and tidy up some areas. I’ll probably talk about this some more next year.


  1. Gambini
    December 18, 2012

    Maybe the next year will come with more and better releases to get you motivated on reviewing them!

  2. zajazd
    December 26, 2012

    Happy holidays man \o/

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