Excuse the lack of updates

I feel some obligation to mention the reason for the lack of updates recently. It pretty much boils down to playing less user content and instead focusing a lot more on games on the PC and PS2 lately. Beyond that is mapping and my latest interest with Source Filmmaker. I will slowly return to uploading reviews sometime soon, the next updates likely focusing on Thief, but we’ll see.


  1. zajazd
    July 26, 2012

    so cool that you’re playing ps2 games :) what are those games?

  2. quakis
    July 26, 2012

    Tales of Legendia – Possibly the weakest ‘Tales of’ title in terms of gameplay I’ve played so far, which got dull quickly, but I played it through to the end. It has a great cast of characters and character development though. Vesperia and Symphonia were more fun to play however.


    Shadow Hearts – Currently playing through this one and having a ton of fun with it. Not sure how far I am, but I’m probably close to the end of the 2nd story arc if I were to assume there’s more after this.

  3. zajazd
    July 26, 2012

    i see. i never even heard of those games, maybe only about shadow hearts. ps2 has so huge game library with so many great games. i completed deus ex and been playing final fantasy x and ssx 3. ps2 will keep rocking forever :)

  4. quakis
    July 26, 2012

    Yeah and because the PS2 library is so big and diverse it’s one of my favourite consoles, especially because it has a lot of jrpg, a genre I can keep at for a long while. Persona 3 being one I enjoyed immensely. Played through Forbidden Siren before Legendia which was a fantastic survival horror too.

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