Community Build Project 8: Metropolitan Starlight – Released (Duke3D)


After a good long while, the latest community project is finally out the door and special thanks goes to Forge and Micky C for working their butts off with polishing and problem solving. The project takes place within a city in space in which the aliens have decided to invade. CBP8 makes use of TROR (true room over room) which provides a little extra sense of depth to the design across the map. My section in particular takes place in the upper city, surrounding a police substation and some mechs.

While development had its ups and downs, several delays and a couple of hiccups, the journey was still a good one. I think the biggest problem with development was the use of TROR and most of the participants lack of experience, but everything fell into place despite this and here we are.

Polymer is required but it’s recommend that lights are disabled, so please follow the installation instructions in the txt file. Classic mode is mostly glitch free, but there is no guarantee there won’t be the occasional graphical glitch.


  • Mike Norvak
  • Michael “Micky C” Crisp
  • Paul “High Treason” Monteray
  • Mister Sinister
  • Maarten van Oostrum
  • Merlijn van Oostrum
  • Captain Awesome
  • Forge
  • Ryan ‘quakis’ Rouse
  • William Gee (kinda)

Download Mirrors



Duke3d 1.5 Atomic Edition & Eduke32 (latest)