Get That Cube

Author: peat
Released: May 19th 2011
Download: Here

Players must work together to retrieve a cube within this huge chamber, and navigate the obstacles to place it on a button. Does that sound easy? Then get those thinking caps on and give it a whirl!


Being too vague can be a major problem in a map, but throwing the player inside of a huge chamber with a large number of segments that need to be dealt with only makes matters harder to grasp and not know where to begin. As the title suggests, players must work together in order to take a cube from one point in the chamber and then use it to navigate through the test and find a safe route for this to reach a specific button to gain access to the exit. Players must do this while avoiding the cube’s destruction via fizzlers and water, otherwise a new one must be retrieved and redoing the journey over again. The biggest problem we had was not knowing where to start, though this may differ between players. The size tends to be overwhelming, especially when you’re free to explore several places at once, players might think about putting every piece together to move forward with success rather than thinking it over one step at a time. Various buttons and mechanics have been clearly indicated as to what activates what though which helps considerably. The core idea does work and involves both players, yet some improvement to the flow to provide a little more sense of direction could help, to discourage trying to solve certain segments too early to find they’re not getting anywhere.

Huge chamber with various small puzzles that need to be solved in order to succeed the overall goal. The size can be overwhelming and the sense of flow disappears when players might not know where to begin.

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