Daisycutter 01

Author: Daisycutter
Released: May 9th 2011
Download: Here

Four large chambers and one medium sized chamber await to be solved here.


Each chamber is huge in scale while the solution to the puzzles can be very simple to achieve with some nice usage of puzzle elements, but some of these aren’t placed in very intuitive positions and sometimes almost hiding around the corner of the chamber itself which may cause it to take longer to figure out what must be done. For some reason I found myself stuck on the first puzzle for a while, not realising that getting higher in this area will reveal what else can be done. I kept thinking that I could only make use of the white gel and must find some method to get it in specific spots. Design here does let the map down, very flat looking and the scale only makes it look worse. Lighting is another area, lacking light sources in many places and other times it leaves areas in darkness. One chamber is almost pitch black and another area has a drop you can’t see well, only to be too late to realising there’s danger and fall to your death. The design only becomes more sloppy the further in you get, but the last chamber does come across neat in the way it expands over and over to extend the puzzle’s lifetime.

The puzzles are simple and easy to excute, while sometimes oddly placed. The design however puts the map down, poor lighting, bare visuals and only gets worse later on.

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