Author: Omnicoder
Released: April 30th 2011
Download: Here

Here are three different puzzles in those familar and lovable test chambers, check it out now or read on for a short review.


There are three chambers to complete, each with another take on familiar mechanics while not borrowing the exact same puzzles from the original game. They’re easy to execute and not to difficult to figure out, spending a good few minutes and having fun in the meantime. The second chamber switches over to the old aperture design which is a little jarring once it decides to go back to a modern look. The third chamber also appears it can be completed in two ways, unless of course I’ve missed the intended solution somehow. The design is mostly fair and some life takes place between chambers like lights turning on an a companion cube falling. The only real issue here was the darkness hiding the area you need to progress onwards, making it a bit difficult to spot right away.

Three simple puzzles that manage to keep the feel from the original game.

Download Mirrors
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