Author: Matjaž M.
Download: Here

Saw this little oldie from ’97 after it was mentioned on MSDN. Takes place within a city, with the usual locations. It’s only a short map, takes around ten or so minutes to blast through. Here’s my final thoughts.




It’s a small map while presenting traditional gameplay where you progress by finding a required keycards and bypassing said lock, rinse and repeat. Pacing is calm as everything starts off quiety in terms of gameplay, and actually continues in a similar manner throughout the level. There’s not a lot of enemies around, enough for a small scuffle here and there, but could have benefitted with additional respawns. The usage of enemies presented are fine however, with Pigcops that lie in wait or Enforcers in tighter locations and Sentry Drones to catch you off guard. Nothing difficult to be had here, especially with the excessive amounts of health about, but a fun little romp no doubt.

The same almost goes for the design, it may feel empty at times but it seems to lean more toward a minimalistic look. It creates a solid and clean construction, nothing appears too flat with nice subtle details such as the bright monitor in the computer room, or even the cake. Texture choices work and feel right for the locations they’re used in, but the actual alignment wasn’t very consistent. Strong lighting much like that found in the official levels, really helps to bring out the shape of the level and done rather well.

It’s a short little romp through a city which would have benefitted from more enemies, also has good strong lighting that brings out the clean level design.

Download Mirrors | MSDN