Blown Fuses

Author: Luciano “Gambini” Gallo
Download: Here
Requires: DukePlus (Map Included)

Blown Fuses, by Luciano Gallo, was one of the first maps made for Duke Plus that utilised the fuse item pickup feature. The level is also intended to be played using polymost to get the most out of the level. It also includes a new sountrack which fits perfectly with the map.


You start off in your appartment with a rather… surprising introduction, and slowly take it from there on. At first the pacing is nice and slow, taking out small groups of enemies as you progress further through the level, which then starts to increase the enemy count and making the level more challenging. Overall, the level ends up rather action packed with a large variety of enemies at your disposal in the different sections of the level. However, the map does start out at a medium difficult challenge, even at the “Let’s Rock” skill level, and remains both enjoyable and interesting through the entire experience. Supplies are given to the player at a nice pace, and have a good balance between health and ammo between the fights. Rather than mostly focusing on keycards, the map leans more towards the fuse item pickup feature from Duke Plus as its main progressing aspect, as the title suggests, which is a fresh new way to play and fits very well.

Easily one of the most impressive looking maps made for Duke3D. Blown Fuses is a very detailed level, yet it doesn’t intend to clutter the map in any negative way. The author sticks to a realistic style of mapping throughout the level, pays close attention to how each specific section is made. Structure is very well crafted for the locations they are supposed to be, the best being the industrial facilities a little later in the map. The appartments you start in have a very gritty and wrecked look throughout, giving the impression of a cheap, rundown building. Escaping outside will leave you glaring at some nice eyecandy, with superb spritework, vehicle constructions, the general landscape including non-square lakes and the overall three-dimensional appeal everything blends into with overlapping sprites, thanks to polymost, to create a detailed, realistic environment. Texturing is another good area, where a consistent and fitting set is applied to designated locations to keep a flowing theme from start to finish, rounding off with excellent shading to complete the look.

An action packed, enjoyable level with a great challenge, pacing and an overall impressive, realistic looking level all round.

Overall Rating

Download: Included in DukePlus