Yet Another News Update

Yes, yes. The site does appear to be gathering dust yet again, but I’ve been both rather uninspired due to the fact the theme works fine for some people, yet others it makes it unreadable. The other is having interests elsewhere, I haven’t been playing a lot of games these days, especially maps and mods. This isn’t however a news post to tell you I’ve decided to scrap the site either.

I’m hoping to give TAW a redesign, while also making use of some neglected features of WordPress and other little bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to do. The content will be safe, so none of that will dissappear either, and the work will be done offline so there will be no interuptions for those who still visit.

Another important note, is that I’ll be changing the permalinks as well. Those linking to specific posts on this site, will most likely be broken unfortunetly.

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