TAW Redesign & New Features

As you can see, the new design is now finally complete, up and running, which did have it’s own share of problems in the process. I’d like to give a thank you to, ShaDoW, for helping solve an issue that prevented the new site to not load up properly, which I appreciate.

Based off the original ‘Black-Hat’ theme by Nicki Faulk, I made several adjustments to make it suitable for TAW and the content, while also making use from some of those extra little features that you may find will come in handy.

However, there are still some final pieces of work that need to be made to make use of those, some areas that need fixed and various small tweaks here and there.

I hope the new design fixes the overlapping sidebar problem some people were getting when using Internet Explorer with the previous design, but different setups will cause different issues which makes it harder to fix, no thanks to the way it decides to render pages.

All the new changes and features described below;

  • Not only did the site get quite the make over, but I’ve also tidied up how everything is displayed. There is now one sidebar and less clutter leaving some more space the main content of the site. It might not matter much to most people, but there’s more space for the sidebar text so I don’t have to abbreviate words too much. Am I too much of a perfectionist?

  • Tags, one particular thing I should have made use of from the beginning, since these can be an extremely useful way to find a set of specific posts. Reviews can be defined into the various topics, so if you wanted to find every single Duke3D map that has been given the ‘5 Cog Award’, a press of that tag will bring all those results up. Upon writing this post however, there are no tags applied just yet, but those will be done during the following weeks.

  • Category pages have had a small change compared to the previous versions. Rather than just have them list link for each post in that section, I also left in a small area for a small description and visable tags. Now you have a bit more an idea what you’ll find in those posts and reviews.

  • Another piece of fluff added for the category pages are the game descriptions at the top of pages. I personally think it makes the sections a little more complete than before.


  1. May 9, 2009

    Glad to see TAW finally back alive, kicking and then some more!

    The new design is a lot easier to navigate than the old one. Good job!

  2. May 9, 2009

    Hope this will rivive you interest to review stuff…Design is clean efficiant and really make you surf with plaesure…thanks

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