Matto 4

Continuing off where the prequel left off, after the interesting introduction sequence you’ll take control of Carver where you’ll find some new weapons and voice acting throughout the mod adding something fresh once again. You’ll also come across some nice humour and some new characters during your ventures through both interior and exterior locations. Cutscenes are also existant and some other great scenes such as the car driving scene has some enjoyment to them. Firstly, the new weapons are quite balanced yet come across rather powerful tools against your enemies. Luckily those have some heavy recoil or long reloading times to makes things a bit more fair. The voice acting adds to the story much more and is pretty muched used through a majority of the mod, but the new characters’ phrases when they’re in combat do get repeatitive and annoying after a short while. They will also get stuck from time to time, which is a pain especially when they need to be in a certain area but can’t get to it. The mod is action packed throughout, although the enemies don’t come across very great easily tracking you down or being dumb from time to time, it can be rather enjoyable yet quite difficult at times. Especially during the interior levels such as the sewers as close combat takes place with them running into areas you’re currently in. Flow is good, with some good lengths between levels doing different types of objectives and trying to survive some long fights adding a sense of accomplishment to them, again staying quite enjoyable but may take a few tries during certain levels to get through them well. And finally, there is usually enough ammo and health about, with the odd large weapon storage areas during some points in the mod.

Detailed throughout with a good balance between exterior and interior locations. The former has plenty of foilage about and a sensible landscape throughout, the latter being put together pretty well with some atmospheric lighting and tidy usage of design. The sewers had a nice touch to atmosphere being rather dark in some areas lit further down by the odd ceiling light, or during the level as it rains making the night seem dull. Objects have been used realistically making sense and don’t get in the way of the general gameplay except for the new characters following you around.

Brilliant sequel, action packed and enjoyable with great design but overall some gameplay flaws here and there.

Overall Rating: 89%

Author: The Matto Team
Download: Filefront / Patch v1.1

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