X-Treme Violence

Short, single map mission that was originally a design test given in an interview from a gaming company. Although the length isn’t long it’s still quite enjoyable but the action is very light with only a few enemies of grunts and female assassins. Basically, terrorists are doing something and you’re there to stop it and retrieve something. Some new sounds to add in some unique ambience and a new crowbar replacement which actually fit well.

Fantastic, the main highlight obviously with a solid structure which is detailed well and looks clean. Texturing is also great, using the custom created textures perfectly and aligned well throughout which also have a good blending of colours so nothing is out of place. Lighting throughout is moderate with no complaints, which looks good and fits the tone of the source well.

Overall Conclusion
Short, design test but still enjoyable.

Author: Cayle George
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 78%
Download: Here

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