Ravenloft – Chapter 3: Down to the Crypt

Now inside the castle you’ll be venturing throughout the interiors searching for keys to find the exit in the crypt, however a lot of enemies and some traps await you. Action is paced a little different this time, and some more variety between enemies as well. More than enough supplies about as well, all creating some balanced and enjoyable gameplay. However it is again much easier to get lost in this one as well, especially with a lot of hidden areas you must locate to continue on, but quite expected for a castle which was also a nice touch. Quite a long map, but nothing too tiresome unless you get very lost with a lot of areas to check out.

Similar design to the previous prequels, but the interiors have improved in quality than the first in the series. There was also a lot more variety in styles between areas although keeping similar texture usages and blends which made each area interesting to explore, though some corridors did feel bare at times. Lighting is moderate, with a lot of dark places, though nothing of an annoyance, and many sprites have been used to spice up some extra details in many rooms./p>

Another decent installment, again with challenging gameplay and good design.

Overall Rating: 87%

Author: Michael Shire
Download: Here