Ravenloft – Chapter 2: Strahd’s Castle

Continues from where the previous chapter left off at the castle, it follows a similar trend of flow and action. This time round, the monks pose more of a threat especially those located higher levels than you. More zombies are present again which might eventually have several following you without knowing about it, though easily beaten with plenty of ammo and health around, although some can be used up pretty quickly. Some key finding objectives this time, where you try to find a way to open the inner gate to get inside the castle, though it was quite easily to get lost and not know where to go next at times.

The first thing that comes to view once in the castle grounds is big scale and open areas. The castle grounds itself is pretty large with some decent structure design, especially with a few ceiling slopes and other details here and there. Other constructions are round the back with some towers and interesting looking building design connecting to the castle itself. The higher levels are also accessable and keep the flow of design moderate with some decent lighting throughout. Interesting note is the dark spot on the spiral tower stairs to keep the transition between sections of the map stay seamless. Good texture choices throughout, blending well throughout although a little too grey in a majority of areas.

Decent sequel, challenging gameplay and great design.

Overall Rating: 85%

Author: Michael Shire
Download: Here

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