(Archived) They Hunger

Zombie action throughout the whole mod with a lot of twists and turns to the plot causing several events to take place throughout three different episodes, each one better than the last. New weapons are also available to the player but they won’t be obtained until later within the levels but the zombies aren’t hard to kill off using a melee unless ofcourse you come across a horde of them. But human zombies won’t be the only thing you’ll come across and there will be a few NPCs to progress the story a bit more as well. The flow in each episode is enjoyable and keeps a good pace though some battles with zombies can get a little tiresome from time to time. You’ll also be travelling through several different locations, sometimes revisting others in later levels. Nothing too difficult is present in the mod, except for a few gun wielding enemies which can be taken out pretty easily.

An average structure throughout the whole mod however with a great design that keeps it’s own horror atmosphere mostly through the textures being used and the quality of them which in it’s own way creates a good theme for each location, be it inside or out. Even though the structure is rather average, texturing deffinitely helps make it look better and the design fits well with the other models used in the mod such as the enemies and weapons. Lighting is moderate, without any problems and dark areas aren’t too overwhelming making them more atmospheric. A lof of ambience sounds have also been used throughout to keep each location to feel alive and add more to atmosphere.

Overall Conclusion
Well known mod with enjoyable, zombie gameplay with decent design throughout.

Author: Neil Manke
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 92%
Download: Here