The Evil Thing

You have been selected to test out a new anti-aircraft weapon, but all you’ve got to do is fly a jet while they do what they want to do. Sounds like you’re going to die pretty soon though, but ofcourse you don’t. You crash land near an enemy base and must try to find a way out and survive. The mission is pretty difficult with several soldiers constantly attacking you keeping a lot of action within this one which can be quite fustrating and tiresome. Especially with some of the limited supplies, since I couldn’t find any. There are however some good elements in there but the drawn out fights can ruin the gameplay making it less enjoyable.

Rather average throught with a few interesting objects or structures here and there but most of it is quite simple. Mix of large and small locations which are usually filled with large containers and crates, can still be quite empty and bare looking. Texturing is alright, however bland in many areas making it look boring. Lighting is also quite bad, especially in the sewer areas, most of the time it is used doesn’t create much ambience and again looks bland.

Overall Conclusion
Tiresome gameplay, few interesting elements with some average yet bland design.

Author: Nathan Ruck
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 66%
Download: Here