Author: Ian Cunnings Released: December 27th 2005

Quite a long experience with a lot of fighting throughout. The goal of the map is to find each key to access each area until you find the red skull key for the exit. The map uses a majority of different enemies which are balanced out as the easiest are used first and gets harder later on. There are also several respawns and ambushes to keep the action going at all times with plenty of supplies around, with some special items to help in combat in tough spots. There is usually enough room to move about it during the fights but some tight spots here and there, although some objects to take cover behind, can make things a little difficult. Other than that, everything is rather balanced out and the flow is good, but it’s easy to get lost as well. Luckily the author added in the auto-map pickup.

Detailed areas at a good standard with good looking structure and texturing throughout. Textures have been used and aligned well, which mix well with other ones without standing out keeping the colour tone moderate. The same design is used in a lot of locations of the building with some variety in a few sections here and there with different levels of lighting to change atmosphere. Although all the crates eventually got old, boring and repeatitive to look at where they were used.

Overall Conclusion
Balanced gameplay, good flow and some tough spots with a decent desigh throughout.

Author: Ian Cunnings
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 91%
Download: Here

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