(Archived) Roch 8

Yet again another tough, yet balanced and action packed map with plenty of supplies to last throughout. Like the prequel, this one is also unlinear where you must press all the buttons to get inside the alien ship to get the yellow keycard. Each building can be approached in any order, sometimes you can get lost looking for the next one to venture in but nothing fustrating. The next blue key is found by pressing the doors with the blue key symbol on them to continue on which kind of adds to the gameplay to make you back track if you missed it. Plenty of ambience sounds, especially inside and outside the alien ship making it feel out of this world and wierd.

As always, fantastic design with a lot of details and spritework being used throughout the map. Texturing style seems a little different than in previous maps and not as clean as the prequel but still looks good and mixes well with the rest of the map. Structure of the buildings are taller and still look good, lighting in the map also remains well done and nothing else in the map stands out too much. The alien ship interiors were something different, and the high tech areas looked very well done. The texture and palettes mixes worked fine and everything else made the place look very detailed and busy, with machines working and humming loudly.

Overall Conclusion
Tough, balanced and action packed with fantastic design as always. Not as good as the prequel though.

Author: Pascal Rouaud

Rating: 94%
Download: Here