(Archived) Roch 4

Action packed at a moderate pace this time, and balanced nicely. The objective is also a little different to add a bit more fun to the map. You’re taking part of a game show where you must find 3 red and blue keys and using them in the main game show room. You’ll earn prizes for each key you find and you must try to get inside the mansion to continue on the mission. Ofcourse, some of the keys cause enemies to respawn which adds more to the action.

Design is fantastic and the structure throughout is a lot better than before, especially the starting building and mansion exterior. Texturing is as always very good with good mixes and palette changes, however each area now looks more varied and has it’s one define look. Lighting is again very good, with nothing much to complain about. There’s also a nice stairway using a few tricks to make it look three dimensional and the advertisments keep getting more interesting to watch them split apart and change.

Overall Conclusion
Interesting keycard idea, moderate and balanced gameplay with fantastic design

Author: Pascal Rouaud

Rating: 91%
Download: Here