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Roch 1

Quite action packed set in large city area which is balanced out well with more than enough supplies around. Some useful steroids to make your journey across the map much quicker and a lot of secret places to look around for with hidden goodies. A lot of ambience has been used around the map that makes the city feel more alive, with the moving cars around the streets helping this. The main objective of the map is to find the keys and press buttons in order to get to the end.

Some structures and buildings look average but the texturing helps make it look better. Many areas in the map have a different use the textures used giving them more of a purpose and looks good, with a few palette changes to help create a new set and the lighting is all around the map, with some realistic looking ones here and there.

Overall Conclusion
The first of a great series. Balanced gameplay throughout.

Author: Pascal Rouaud

Rating: 85%
Download: Here

One Comment

  1. lenin69 says:

    Map is cool.. untill i spent 2 hours looking for an access card :( i cant find how to open the gas station, or the cinema…

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