Twilight City

Plenty of action throughout the map with enough enemies to fight against. The map can be a little challenging in some spots but the map has plenty of ammo around, but not much health. However, that’s not a bad thing as it is still very possible to complete by avoiding enemy fire as much as possible. Overall mission is a button and keycard hunt with some battles inbetween until you reach the exit, but could have had some other interesting elements to make the map more interesting.

A very reconisable style in all of Stephano’s maps is again used here, that has an industrial feel all over it. Although, the same texturing and construction techniques are used all over the map and can get quite boring to look at due to all the browns and greys. Structure is decent throughout but the texturing could have used more variety.

Overall Conclusion
Challenging, action packed gameplay with a repeatative design throughout.

Author: Stephano Lessa
Rating: 85%
Download: Here

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