Lack of Updates

I apologise for the lack of regular updates I promised, however I have recently gotten myself in a very large anime phase and being rather lazy these past weeks. I haven’t felt like playing any custom maps or modafacations for quite a while now, and those that I did are on the waiting list to be reviewed. I have also gotten myself into modelling these past weeks as well and ofcourse playing too much Hostile Intent.

I do however have plans to tidy this place up. I wish to take down the anime reviews and have a seperate site for those instead as I’d rather keep this one specifically for gaming. That also includes some information on Source-Ports, useful utilities and other gaming tools I find might be worth noting about. I’m also thinking about making a site dedicated to the Duke3D community where they can post their projects at and update their little page similar to Mod Database and Wads in Progress. However I lack the skills to write such a site from scratch, so that idea is out of the door unless someone is willing to help out with it. Regular updates will hopefully come back when I get back into custom content gaming, however I do not know when at this time.

Mapping/Modding Projects
The System Episode is really close to seriously dying as I’ve tried many times to revive it and keep it alive but nothing will cut it for me. The current build is several maps with detailed corridors and small detailed rooms. Some large unfinished areas and there’s a lot of work to do, hardly any gameplay progress at all and the maps are not worth merging together. I’ve been suggested to do this before but it doesn’t work at all in its current state. At the moment, the episode is on the verge of dying unless I think up an inspiring way to revive it.

I’ve also had two other ideas for projects I do feel dedicated to work on. The first being a 32bit mod with as much custom content created by me as possible. This includes textures and models. My second idea is a Half Life 2 project where you play as a Rebel, however this has been done many times and from everything I’ve played, they’re a simple run and shoot task. I wish to do something different, have new voices, animations and a lot of interesting moments. I don’t want the player to stand around with other rebels shooting endless amounts of combine like many of these Rebel vs Combine maps tend to do. I do not know when I’ll start this project but I’ll be writing down my plans and storyline soon so I have something to work from.


  1. August 16, 2006

    The System Episode is really close to seriously dying as I’ve tried many times to revive it and keep it alive but nothing will cut it for me.

    Dude – just let it marinate for a while and pick it up when you feel like it. There’s no reason to go all depressed about it.

  2. August 20, 2006

    Dude – I’ve done that so many times I’ve lost count.

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