Invasion 105

With the combine models, the enemies rarely move unless you delete / don’t install the model files they should attack as normal. Plenty of enemies to fight against, enough health and ammo around but I found the whole map too short, and felt like it needed more to it. Doesn’t make it a bad map though.

Looking at the screenshot, you would think this is for Half Life 2. If so, you guessed wrong. The level of detail in the outside areas is fantastic and sticks true to the style of Half Life 2. The combine “prop models” have been remade very well, and look great. Texturing is also very good, aligned and chosen well. The lighting is also just as good as everything else. My only complaint is the bare interiors which didn’t look too good.

Overall Conclusion
A very detailed, short map that sticks true to the Half Life 2 style.

Author: Ag3nt-X
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 75%
Download: Here