SJS1: Streets Of Fear

Author: Simon "SlayeR" Judd Release Date: June 15th 2006

This one is a tricky wad, a bit challenging but not hard. Enemies attack you from all over the map, the street to some windows and even hard to reach places with fireball projectiles being thrown around everywhere which can be a bother when fighting a horde of enemies later on. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing though, since it keeps you alert at all times. There is enough health around however, but not too much so watching out for danger is a key since you will use up the health pretty fast. Lots of ammo about for those troublesome fights, and it’s best to go find that backpack since you’ll need to carry the extra ammo around with you. A few traps throughout with some surprises (That damn archvile scared me) and a lot of respawning enemies, usually in all directions. Map is unlinear and you have to find each key to proceed on, posing a trickier challenge after each pickup. There’s plenty of room to maneuver about in the streets, however the trees and other detauks seem to get in the way a few times which is a pain when trying to avoid Revenant missiles. Other than that the gameplay stays enjoyable and keeps you on your toes.

Good structure and detail throughout the map with a constant style of buildings used, so there’s nothing out of place. Texturing is rather good, the choices fit with each area and have been aligned well. The colour choice is consistant with nothing to remove the brown tone from the map. Lots of tree sprites have been placed around, fills up the map a bit but can be annoying during gameplay. Lighting is good, nothing out of place and again fits well. A few tight areas but a majority of open rooms and streets with a good level of design which is good.

Overall Conclusion
Very good design with a challenging gameplay.

Author: Simon “SlayeR” Judd
Rating: 86%
Download: Here