Nitemare is a nice map with lots of enemies, but sometimes too random. Map does have a lot of ammo, but I found using the sword handy when under heavy fire. Level design is average here, and the cliffs could of looked better and more relistic, and there could of been a few more plant life around in the out door areas. Theres all sorts of places in this map such as a small city area, some small high-tech building, lots of outdoors, and some really dark, foggy places but some of the texture choices could of been better like the glowing floor in the high-tech area.. I found the map quite confusing when playing, and challenging in big open areas due to lots of enemies that I wasn’t prepared for. But this map does have a fun touch, and worth trying out if you like a lot of enemies to fight against.

Author: Jonathan C. Wu
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 62%
Download: N/A

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