Razorback Ridge


The overall idea of the map is to collect the three keys and open the building to get to the exit while getting into many heavy fights on the way with several respawns to keep you busy. It’s very easy to use up a lot of health but theres always plenty around. The keys in the map aren’t too difficult to find, but looking for the correct door for the key you found can be a bit of a pester. The enemy balance is nearly perfect yet could of had a few more about and some more challenging enemies to make things a lot more interesting and theres more than enough ammo around to keep your weapons loaded. I found the moonshine in the map to be very useful to get from one side of the map to the other very quickly.


A few ambience sounds were used here and there but lacks a lot and mainly felt very empty at times, the map has a lot of trees so plenty of bird singing could of been used.


The map is fairly big with wide open outdoor spaces with certain types of building in each of the different areas of the level. Many interiors look quite like the first map in Redneck Rampage with only a slight bit of difference yet keeping within the Redneck Rampage style. The outdoor areas have been very influenced by the way it has been done in RR-Deer Huntin’ which also works here very well. Some areas I did find quite bare and could have been worked on such as the gas station as it felt empty and could of used a lot more details. I also found a car near the wooden house a bit over sized, but that could be me.

Texturing / Other Deco

Using new textures from “Deer Huntin” to give the map an autumn look was done very well and mixed fantastic with the colours of the woods and other colours in the map too. Texture choices are picked well and fairly aligned with a few areas a bit off and a few didn’t work too well. Not a great deal of any special sprite work in the map but the trees around the map have been made very similar to that in “Deer Huntin” which makes the map have that autumn theme work very well. Other sprites have also been used correctly and used in the right places but the areas still felt a bit empty at times.

Lighting / Atmosphere

Hardly any special lighting effects present in the map except several shaded locations. The atmosphere was very autumny thanks to the new textures and decoration sprites with the well chosen uses of colour. The map also felt like a change for once, instead of the green trees and blue night skies.

Overall Conclusion

Very good texturing used adding a nice atmosphere with a very balanced gameplay.

Author: Jon Hunt
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 85%
Download: Here

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