Nightmare Orchards


Starts off easy and gets tricky as you progress yet very possible if you’re very careful when progressing through this map. The level lacks health in some areas though, but has a lot of ammo and weapons about, mostly for the automatic weapons. Enemy balance is just right, but too many Gladiators are used in the map which isn’t just challenging, but annoying to fight them. The map is fairly long with some small and large fights with many different types of enemies and varies in group sizes, and the mini boss fights aren’t too hard as the locations are set in large open spaces.


Very top notch with some very pretty eye candy. The rocks in the outside areas look natural and the texture fits very well. The other buildings in the map have also been designed very well and the structures are very outstanding. Texturing is also great, with some fantastic texture choices to fit with the mood of the map. The lighting is also very nice to look at and makes the map more enjoyable as it makes the place look more mystic which is good. The map has a very beautiful natural mood to it which reminds me of Unreal which is very good. The very open areas also look similar to what Unreal has.

Overall Conclusion

Fantastic design with some tricky fights but possible.

Author: Shaun Ross / [Kona]
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here (Link Updated: 12 Aug 2012)

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