Beyond Belief Part 1: The Unholy Alliance

Author: Matthias Worch Release Date: May 15th 1997

This episode has 7 maps, a secret level and a starting map. Fairly easy with the challenging fights against Orges and other strong enemies later in the episode. Even the grunts prove hard at times. Each map is balanced perfectly with the enemies as there isn’t too less, but could of used with a slight few more to make it a bit more harder. Each levels has plenty of ammo and health around with some very handy secrets worth looking for. Mainly fights with enemies can lead you to back track for health. Sometimes the Orges can get on your nerves, but adds to the challenge. The episode has a lot of button pushing, but it’s not boring since the episode isn’t unenjoyable and it stays fun throughout. Weapons in the episode aren’t introduced too early which is a good thing as it would make it too easy other wise.

Very highquality with some very good brush work everywhere. Texture choices fit perfect with each map theme and used well. Lighting is very moody and some levels have brighter lighting which adds to atmosphere and mood. Many structures and ideas are realistic and look very good. Trimming has been done well as well and used in the correct locations.

Overall Conclusion

Easy, yet sometimes challenging gameplay with a good design with great ideas.

Author: Matthias Worch
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 86%
Download: Here